How to use

Wood BBQ Grill Scraper:

For best results get grill nice and hot and then press down the wood paddle of the scraper onto the grill and scrape up and down with the grates to form the wood to the shape of your grill. Since these are made from a hard wood for increased durability it may take a few cleanings to get it worked in. Ensure you place the grooves on the grill perfectly each time for the first couple of uses, this way you will get a perfect custom fit. Once the grooves are formed the grill does not need to be hot but you can continue to use it while hot.

Avoid soaking the scraper in water for best durability. It does not need to be washed between uses, but if you like to keep it clean simply wipe it off with a damp cloth. If you are wondering why wood is good for cleaning a grill check out our why wood section for more information.


Bottle Opener:

Using the metal ring at the end of the piece of hockey stick simply pop the top off your favourite beverage, sit back and enjoy.