Pro Player Wood BBQ Grill Scraper and Bottle Opener

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These Pro Player Grill Scrapers and Bottle Openers are limited in quantity since it is hard to source sticks from well know Pro Players

The perfect Set for any hockey fan.

The Wood BBQ grill scraper is a safe alternative to the traditional metal bristle grill cleaner because the tiny metal bristles can become dislodged and get stuck to your grill or worse, your food. The Wood barbecue scraper is made from hardwood for increased durability and function. All Harmsen's Hockey wood BBQ grill scrapers are made from a hardwood scraping head and a piece of recycled hockey stick which was cut from a broken Pro Stock stick from various teams and leagues. 

Items will be what is pictured. 

All Harmsen's Hockey items are made from eco friendly recycled hockey sticks, which will save hundreds of sticks from hitting the landfill. With Harmsen's Hockey you will not be let down by some 4th line plug quality item, we take great pride in delivering the highest quality items you will never be disappointed with.

Whether you are cleaning the grill before a big pre game meal or cracking a cold a cold one after the game, these beauties are sure to make you the first star of the game (to your teammates at least, no guarantee these products will make you a better hockey player).

**Please note these items are made from used sticks so there is a good chance there will be marks, chips, cuts, blemishes, etc. on the items. We can not guarantee these were used by the Pro Player on the stick since we source sticks from many different places. However these sticks are Pro Stock sticks made for the named player.

All Harmsen's Hockey items are Handmade in Canada with the use of imported parts.