Justin Holl - Wood BBQ Grill Scraper and Bottle Opener Set

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Harmsen's Hockey usual quality items but these are from a recycled broken stick made for your favourite NHL players! 


  • Made from a recycled broken stick used by Justin Holl of the Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Hard wood scraper head for increased durability and quality
  • Harmsen's Hockey certifies this stick was used by Justin Holl during the 2020-2021 Hockey Season

These Pro Player Grill Scrapers and Bottle Openers are limited in quantity since it is hard to source sticks from well know Pro Players

The perfect Set for any hockey fan.

 **Please note these items are made from used sticks so there is a good chance there will be marks, chips, cuts, blemishes, etc. on the items. We can not guarantee these were used by the Pro Player on the stick since we source sticks from many different places. However these sticks are Pro Stock sticks made for the named player.

All Harmsen's Hockey items are Handmade in Canada with the use of imported parts.