Marner Coasters (Pack of 2)

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Set in Ice Coasters are a stylish, ecological way to protect your furniture. Made from recycled broken hockey sticks encased in a strong epoxy resin, these coasters are built to last. With a distinct style and practical design, Set in Ice Coasters are the perfect way to protect your surfaces. Just like a fourth liner protecting a star player, these coaster have you covered.

  • Made from broken pro stock sticks from Mitch Marner of the Leafs and feature his signature logo on the stick parts
  • Cast in epoxy resin to provide an in ice look
  • Felt pads for enhanced performance and protection
  • Sold in packs of two
  • Made by Harmsen's Hockey in Canada
  • Contact for customization options (Company / Team logo, Stick Colour, Etc.)

*due to the nature of epoxy resin and the use of broken hockey sticks, these coasters may have small air bubbles and the sticks may appear to have imperfections.